Bay City The gateway to Lake Pepin the village of Bay City is a quaint, quiet spot with a stunning location on the Great River with the first trail destination.   1.  Chef Shack Tucked off WI Hwy 35 in Bay City you will find Chef Shack. Carrie Summer andContinue Reading

Friday night the torchlight parade is the place to be. The shop fronts glowing with many onlookers dressed in their best winter attire waiting for the balloon aeronauts. Each crew with family and friends engaging burners radiating an immense feeling of warmth throughout the route. Aside from the beautiful pyrotechnics,Continue Reading

  Burpee Museum of Natural History Come explore Burpee Museum and its award-winning exhibits such as Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur, and explore the history of the young T. rex skeleton found by Burpee Museum researchers in the badlands of Montana, called one of the ten most important dinosaur discoveriesContinue Reading

If you live in the Driftless Area, you are probably well aware that Madison sits on the outskirts of its boundaries, by something like three miles. And as with the Twin Cities and Rochester in Minnesota, Madison – Wisconsin’s capital city – perches like a borderland kingdom that average folksContinue Reading

Egg Week It was Egg Week. One of our professors, who lived in an acreage off the grid outside of Decorah and kept chickens, was selling eggs that spring. Local farm fresh eggs? We went crazy for them, and soon our kitchen island was anointed with a holy tower ofContinue Reading

The gathering was inspired by a guy named Daniel Mack in upstate New York. He is a famous artist/builder who makes furniture and home décor from rustic materials found in nature. He describes it best in this quote.  “And it dawned on me that to some people, the chairs representedContinue Reading

Over the years with hard work and dedication the couple turned the original family farm into a thriving winery. They offer 56 homemade wines: each with their own unique pallet and “Pride and Prejudice” flair.  The fan favorite “Victor’s Folly”, a sweet watermelon wine. The couple’s passion for an exquisiteContinue Reading

Verona Area Chamber of Commerce VACC and the Badger Prairie Needs Network hosts the Verona Winters Farmers Market. This is a family friendly community event with live music, tables to sit and visit, food trucks, market vendors, and more! We were looking for a place to hold our market indoorsContinue Reading

Driftless Historium: The Driftless Historium should be your first stop if you’re interested in learning about the history of Mount Horeb and the Driftless region. Located right off Main Street and across the street from The Grumpy Troll, this building looks small, but it’s bigger on the inside. Open andContinue Reading

But back to Middleton. Due in part to some new construction and some refurbishment of old buildings into new lofts, downtown Middleton has grown itself a restaurant district of varied and complimentary tastes. Within a three-block radius we have Japanese, Hawaiian Poke, Thai, Italian, Retro 50’s Americana, Louisiana Cajun, BarContinue Reading

Tell us about the food philosophy behind GoMacro’s impressive set of certifications? We’re committed to creating high-quality products from simple, sustainably-grown ingredients, and certifications are one way we keep that promise to everyone who purchases MacroBars. We want to set the standard for the quality and integrity of the foodsContinue Reading

Tell us about what you do for work or your business, and how long have you been doing this? We started Cannon Belles Cheese 5 years ago with a dream to build a manufacturing plant to process cow’s milk into cheese. We have been through a lot of ups andContinue Reading

Here we are. I told you it would be a short trip, only about fifteen minutes from my old home. From the outside, it looks like a plain white clapboard building. It reminds me a whole lot of the school from the television show Little House on the Prairie. DoContinue Reading

Junk Devotion Cheryl and Philip (Woody) Woodward of Pine Island, MN. Both fully employed, but also have Junk Devotion, a hobby/business. “Approximately 15 years ago we started seeing ideas for turning trash into treasures and we were hooked.” The picking part of the job isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.Continue Reading

If you want an up-close encounter with the Driftless region perhaps the best way to experience it is through the many parks and bike trails that crisscross this special place. Nothing brings the magic of the area to life like a bike ride down an old railroad track that hasContinue Reading

Winter Activities for You and Your Dog Winter in the Driftless Area is not just a time for cozying indoors; it’s an opportunity to engage in fun and invigorating activities with your dog. Let’s explore some expanded ideas: Snowy Strolls: Imagine walking through a winter paradise, your dog leaping joyfullyContinue Reading

Named the #1 “Best Small Town for Adventure” TWO years in a row by USA Today, Savanna beckons with character and history. Whether you’re high above the Mississippi, or right down in the water you’ll find big adventure in the small town of Savanna, Illinois.  Continue Reading