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People Of The Driftless

Sarah Johnson - The Joy Labs

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant.

The Mental Health Community Care model that I have been building for many years is being tested and beginning to be scaled in the national Y Movement. This has been my life’s work and I am very proud of what we (I have had lots of help along the way) have accomplished so far.

Stephen Harm - The Warehouse

What do you do for business or work?

Born here in the Driftless. Been here for all of my 57 years. My business keeps me here. I run the Warehouse, one of America’s longest running alcohol-free concert venues. Along with a team of volunteers (as am I), we put together concerts for young adults, featuring local bands, regional bands, national bands, and international bands.


Agricultural Roots

Driftless Organic & Sustainable Farming

Our Driftless Ag Roots goes back hundreds of years! It's no wonder Organic and Sustainable farming here in the Driftless has influence across our entire nation!

Travel In The Driftless

Vacation is StayCation

Here at the Driftless Area Magazine, our writers, and readers alike, travel constantly, searching for fun things to do and amazing people to talk with. We choose a city or town, and off we go on our journey!

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