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  We’re excited to announce on April 21st, 2022, Drift Cycle and the La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc.  re-launched the Drift Bike Share and

Drifting the Driftless Trout Streams

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer and it’s more pleasurable to explore the Driftless, one of the

A Rickshaw in Baraboo WI?! – We had to check this out!

Baraboo Wisconsin. The town that “pulls you in” … and around! There are some amazing places in the Driftless!  Because

Exploring The Driftless

Get on your E-Bike and Ride!

Electric bicycles (“e-bikes”) have been around for quite some time now in Asia. Here in America, we understood how they worked, but did

Wisconsin Worm Farming- Right Here In The Driftless!- Dan Corbin- Owner

  GETTING STARTED WITH WORM COMPOSTING! People often ask me about getting started with worm composting. After spending thirteen years

Circle M Market Farm

By Shane Peitscher –With our kids having a fall break, Jenn and I set course for a long weekend trip

People Of The Driftless

Laree Schouweiler - Driftless Yoga Festival

What do you wish other people knew about you or your business?

No matter your yoga experience, this festival is meant for you. Yoga has been so codified and marketed as an able-body practice – where there is so much to explore within yoga BEYOND movement & flexibility – including meditation, philosophy, history and connection to nature.

Michael Brollini – WI Power Lifting Champion

How did you get started in weightlifting?

When I started high school, I was about 130 pounds. And I wasn’t very tall, I’m still not. But, I wanted to feel better about myself. I did some research on how to improve myself and discovered powerlifting, and I thought that it looked more interesting than just lifting weights to lift weights. In power lifting, you compete against others AND against yourself, as you try to best your best lifts.

Check This Out – Support Local Here In The Driftless!


Agricultural Roots

Driftless Organic & Sustainable Farming

Our Driftless Ag Roots goes back hundreds of years! It's no wonder Organic and Sustainable farming here in the Driftless has influence across our entire nation!

Travel In The Driftless

Vacation is StayCation

Here at the Driftless Area Magazine, our writers, and readers alike, travel constantly, searching for fun things to do and amazing people to talk with. We choose a city or town, and off we go on our journey!

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