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Events – What’s Going Down In The Driftless!

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West Coast of Wisconsin Foodie Trail

Bay City The gateway to Lake Pepin the village of Bay City is a quaint, quiet spot with a stunning

Rockford, Of Course!

  Burpee Museum of Natural History Come explore Burpee Museum and its award-winning exhibits such as Jane: Diary of a

Verona Area Chamber of Commerce

  Food and Sprites Beer and WineVerona’s wineries and breweries are guaranteed to offer amazing flavors, excellent service and memories

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People Of The Driftless

Jola & Amelia Kirchoff - Go Macro

How has being set in the Driftless region influenced the business?

It’s an honor being part of such a great community of farmers, foodies, and people who care about supporting local businesses. The local culture around food and sustainability has influenced the way we’ve done business from the start.

Kathy, Deeann, and Jackie – Cannon Belles

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career with your business.

Our biggest accomplishment is the praise and compliments we get from customers. It’s fun to people try our cheese at events and their eyes light up when they taste it! Then at the coffee shop we are told daily how comfortable and fun our shop is. We have amazing customers with both businesses and that’s been the biggest joy.


Agricultural Roots

Driftless Organic & Sustainable Farming

Our Driftless Ag Roots goes back hundreds of years! It's no wonder Organic and Sustainable farming here in the Driftless has influence across our entire nation!

Travel In The Driftless

Vacation is StayCation

Here at the Driftless Area Magazine, our writers, and readers alike, travel constantly, searching for fun things to do and amazing people to talk with. We choose a city or town, and off we go on our journey!

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