This same wonder washed over me as an adult as I stepped through those doors. It was like seeing it through the eyes of a kid again the moment I was among the stalactites and stalagmites.  We wandered down the paved path, careful not to step off the trailContinue Reading

  A fervent believer in the transformative power of practical philanthropy and public service, Ellen was instrumental in numerous initiatives, including founding a home for children and contributing to the establishment of an early La Crosse hospital. Notably, she led efforts to preserve a prime section of local bluff land,Continue Reading

By Carson Schulte – I’ve just moved into my rental house in north Denver. Moving boxes clap against wood floors. Dust flecks spring and flutter, then settle deep into the joints of what will be my new home. Cardboard sags in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, slopped and sortedContinue Reading

HomeGrown Nature School provides meaningful outdoor experiences in early childhood, in all seasons, to cultivate a deep connection to nature, a mindful way of life, and compassion for all.  Why tell a friend to come to the driftless region…It’s a hidden gem. Surprisingly full of outdoor activities. Hiking and boating, huntingContinue Reading

Pierce County Business location and investment decisions are serious and multifaceted, and we view our job as providers of the best possible information to support those decisions.  We take pride in our ability to discuss with you the long term strategic implications of potential investments.  We work closely with theContinue Reading

  Driftless Development INC Driftless Development INC is committed to creating a business-friendly environment to sustain and grow Crawford County businesses, large and small, while attracting new business. Located within the distinct Driftless Region in western Wisconsin, Crawford County has a population of 16,415 people. Prairie du Chien is theContinue Reading

By Nicole Schroeder –  Ashley for the Arts Wow! It seems like everyone is looking for a great time and maybe even some family fun. Do you like Street performers? Want to join in on a group of Tibetan drum players? Do you Like to see magicians and be surprisedContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –   For those wishing to learn the Who’s who in the owl world, the answer is the International Owl Center located in Houston, MN. Every year people from around the globe travel to this destination, which hosts the International Festival of Owls every March. My wifeContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –  As a kid in the 70’s it was common for neighborhood kids on bikes to follow the Township truck that was used to spray mosquitoes. We did not know at the time it was DDT that was being sprayed, let alone a harmful chemical that wasContinue Reading

The Greater Freeport Partnership One organization. One voice. One mission: To grow Freeport & Stephenson County. What does the Partnership do? The Greater Freeport Partnership promotes Stephenson County and support businesses.  We accomplish these goals through workforce development, marketing, beautification, business education and providing data resources. Our history:  In JuneContinue Reading

“The fire stick was like a paintbrush. Touch it here in a small dab, and you’ve made a meadow for elk; a light scatter there burns off brush so the oaks make more acorns.” -Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. This month,Continue Reading

Decoding the Driftless – A Film of Science Exploration and Adventure Check out the trailer for Sustainable Driftless’ new feature-length documentary film, Decoding the Driftless. It’s a wild ride of adventure through the air, across rugged landscapes, on and under the water, through a secret underworld, and across time itselfContinue Reading