The Upper Iowa River supports cold and warm water fish species but three dams restrict fish movement and species prevalence. Smallmouth bass, walleye, trout, and non-game fish are abundant throughout the river. Trout are especially prevalent near the mouth of cold water streams, and more than 30 of these streamsContinue Reading

As we entered the restaurant, the warm glow of lights across the ceiling greeted us, casting a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The rustic yet modern decor added to the allure of the place, with wooden beams and exposed brick walls adorned with vintage photographs of the city’s rich history. TheContinue Reading

Tuesdays:  “Be a Superhero! Viroqua Parks and Recreation Department and McIntosh Memorial Library join forces to offer children imaginative and playful classes called “Be a Superhero!” Classes will include Superhero Story Times, activities, and crafts and are held at Bigley Park Shelter.  Tuesday afternoons the library features events for childrenContinue Reading

As I drifted into the cold water and floated free, I could feel the anticipation building. I carefully maneuvered the boat and the gentle bobbing motion signaled the beginning of my adventure. The farther away I got, the breaking of the serene silence of the riverbank. The current tugged atContinue Reading

As a former Catholic, Weiss was immediately intrigued by the idea of a priestless religion with no strict rules that succeeded in making people she knew happy. “I went back to a tiny town and started chanting on my own,” Weiss said. Dremsa, originally from Brazil, was also struggling withContinue Reading

Caledonia, the county seat, lies nestled in the center of beautiful Bluff Country. Designated “The Wild Turkey Capital of Minnesota” and “The Heart of Quilt Country,” the Caledonia area is home to trout streams, snowmobile trails, horse, hiking, and biking trails. Trout Fishing The Houston County area is home toContinue Reading

Nestled in the winding rivers and abundant hills of West-Central Wisconsin, the City of Hillsboro is the gateway to the non-glacial Driftless Region. From the historic downtown to the surrounding countryside, you will find a community that truly embraces the “small town Wisconsin” lifestyle. The picturesque scenery of Hillsboro onlyContinue Reading

When I arrived I was familiar with the Oktoberfest grounds, but not this festival. In the distance, I could hear music and laughter, but still did not know what I was walking into. They thanked me for coming and handed me a shirt and a name badge. Then, they calledContinue Reading

Howard County – Where Community Pride Was Invented! Located along the Upper Iowa River in Northeast Iowa, less than an hour from the Mississippi River. Visit the boyhood home and farm of Dr. Norman Borlaug and stop in at the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame. Canoe the Upper Iowa River,Continue Reading

Anderson’s pottery is the star of the show. She depicts an ever-expanding repertoire of regional wildlife: birds, animals, insects and wildflowers. Using a decorating technique called “Sgraffito,” she scrapes and carves away a contrasting surface layer to reveal the image. Some of her local favorites are Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes,Continue Reading

A Library On a Mission McIntosh Memorial Library is an inspiring beacon of lifelong learning, bringing knowledge alive, sparking imagination and creating possibility for a vibrant and creative Viroqua. HoursThe library hours are Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00am-8:00pm, Fridays 9:00am-6:00pm, and Saturday mornings from 9:00am-3:00pm. We offer contactless pickup and home deliveryContinue Reading

Stained Glass Window by Louis Rene Petit Immediately upon entering the main body of the church the attention is drawn to the altar area backed by the 50’ x 30’ faceted glass wall. Imported from France, the window art was designed especially for the church by renowned artist, Louis ReneContinue Reading

We’re not exaggerating – we have one the best park systems in Illinois. Our well-funded park district is able to maintain over a dozen locations around the city, and provide activities for all ages throughout the year. Our parks are the envy of many larger cities, and continue to improveContinue Reading

River Bluff Scenic Byway The River Bluffs Scenic Byway plays hide and seek with three rivers, crossing them at times, providing distant views of the river valleys at others. This byway starts and ends with a mesmerizing three-state view of the Mississippi River. Within its Corridor in Fayette and ClaytonContinue Reading

  This same wonder washed over me as an adult as I stepped through those doors. It was like seeing it through the eyes of a kid again the moment I was among the stalactites and stalagmites.  We wandered down the paved path, careful not to step off the trailContinue Reading

“This season’s productions celebrate what it means to gather as a community, the tyranny of plotting against those we perceive having wronged us, and the difficulty of taking action when the truth is uncertain,” commented Artistic Director Doug Scholz-Carlson. Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing are among the most popularContinue Reading

Wheaton Ball League The park boasts 3 baseball fields and is the home filed of the Wheaton Ball League, which has been a part of the township for 46 years! The league is completely volunteer run and is all about the kids having fun playing ball and learning the game! Continue Reading