Are you new to fishing? Looking for a great father-son activity? Or a memorable weekend with your best buds? 

Northeast Iowa (especially Winneshiek County) is known to have some of the most pristine streams in the entire state, perhaps the upper Midwest.

These streams provide excellent fishing opportunities for anglers of any skill level. Other bodies of water, including the Upper Iowa River (the fastest moving river in Iowa), as well as the man-made 33-acre Lake Meyer (15 mi SW of Decorah), are other popular stops for fishing.  The fishing website provides information on fishing regulations, licenses, and weekly fishing reports. 

The Upper Iowa River supports cold and warm water fish species but three dams restrict fish movement and species prevalence. Smallmouth bass, walleye, trout, and non-game fish are abundant throughout the river. Trout are especially prevalent near the mouth of cold water streams, and more than 30 of these streams make their way into the Upper Iowa River. Below the dams, sauger, sturgeon, northern pike, flathead and channel catfish, yellow perch, and white bass migrate up from the Mississippi. Smallmouth bass and walleye prefer rocky or sandy substrate, especially in the deepest pools. Dead trees, boulders, and root balls provide fish habitat, but beware, they also create dangerous under currents. 

Not convinced this is where the big fish live? The Decorah Fish Hatchery is one of only 6 hatcheries in the state. They have a regular stocking schedule that runs about 7 months out of the year. They stock seventeen streams throughout the area. The hatchery is also a great place to visit. Pack a lunch and grab your camera. This beautiful site welcomes people to ask questions about fishing, feed the fish for only 25 cents, or fish at Siewers Springs, located adjacent to the hatchery. 

Currently, there are 148 different varieties of fish in Iowa. North and South Bear creeks (located north of Decorah) are considered by both the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and fishermen alike, to be the best fishing in Iowa. Come see for yourself!