On the day of my tour, I met with the Executive Director of Tinker’s Cottage, Samantha. She had a wealth of knowledge of everything Tinker. She said that if Mr. Tinker were around today, he would be on Shark Tank for all his ideas. He was a visionary, craftsman, andContinue Reading

There is a pizza place on the corner called Nate’s Downtown, a namesake to the couple who owns the shop’s son. You will feel welcome. Another favorite of mine with a very authentic feel is RC Taco. You walk in and will feel you are a guest in someone’s houseContinue Reading

On the north side of the church stand two headstones of particular interest to me, those of Lorentz Falck and his wife Anna Marie. She was his second wife and there in lies the story.   Lorentz Falck was born in 1817 in Balbron, Alsace. In 1844 he married Salome Glass, whoContinue Reading

🌿 Embracing February’s Diversity in the Driftless Area The Driftless Area offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor activities perfect for February’s chilly days. Let’s explore my top 12 suggestions for this month: Indoor Agility Classes: Indoor agility classes provide a stimulating environment for your dog to learn and play. TheseContinue Reading

So, the CBD industry is emerging. It has found its space in stores and on shelves. Workman’s Relief, as their name suggests, is coming at the overall market from a pro-work angle. Which is refreshing, I’d say. Viewing their website, I found it well built, simple, and earnest in theirContinue Reading

Who is your personal hero?I have several-My Dad-who had a pretty horrible childhood, broke the cycle of abuse and built a loving family and had a ‘why not’ attitude that took us on so many adventures! He died over 10 years ago and I miss him every day.My Mom-who REFUSEDContinue Reading

Have you read any good books?Many! I am always reading at least four books at the same time: books that I read reviews about in the WSJ that pique my interest in the life of humans, places in nature, and, of course about great musicians. The most recent four:  BeyondContinue Reading

  This same wonder washed over me as an adult as I stepped through those doors. It was like seeing it through the eyes of a kid again the moment I was among the stalactites and stalagmites.  We wandered down the paved path, careful not to step off the trailContinue Reading

All Union Terrace events and activities can be found on their website.  One of the terrace’ most popular attractions is its live music events. From the blues to classic rock and electronic funk, there is a music event for all different tastes. On Friday, my friend and I were enjoyingContinue Reading

The changing fall colors on my left and on my right are the cascading hills along the Minnesota border, which is right across the Mississippi River. There is just something about the sun shining through on this moody overcast day and seeing the bright beams of light as it ripples acrossContinue Reading

  A fervent believer in the transformative power of practical philanthropy and public service, Ellen was instrumental in numerous initiatives, including founding a home for children and contributing to the establishment of an early La Crosse hospital. Notably, she led efforts to preserve a prime section of local bluff land,Continue Reading

An innovation window opened between 1910 and 1930; between old style barns, then still (and forever) in use, and the agri-revolution style houses containing rows and rows of milking machines. For a time, Dairy Farmers built big round barns because they were following a sensible trend in crop production, timeContinue Reading

We met at a convenient downtown location right behind the old Tribune building. Here we were first introduced to Stopla, our conductor. Right away, I could tell he was fun, with a great sense of humor & kept our whole rambunctious group entertained! Our trolley experience allowed us to streamContinue Reading

Do you have a life philosophy that you live by? Take only memories leave only footprints.   What do you like most about yourself? I can have the best conversations in my head.   How has this pandemic affected YOU or YOUR BUSINESS? Killed Burger Fusion Company and reborn asContinue Reading

Tell us about what you do for work or your business, and how long have you been doing this? In 2019, while on many camping trips, sitting by the fire and enjoying cocktails, we dreamed up the idea of making “living in the woods” a lifestyle and career. We spentContinue Reading