On the day of my tour, I met with the Executive Director of Tinker’s Cottage, Samantha. She had a wealth of knowledge of everything Tinker. She said that if Mr. Tinker were around today, he would be on Shark Tank for all his ideas. He was a visionary, craftsman, andContinue Reading

On the north side of the church stand two headstones of particular interest to me, those of Lorentz Falck and his wife Anna Marie. She was his second wife and there in lies the story.   Lorentz Falck was born in 1817 in Balbron, Alsace. In 1844 he married Salome Glass, whoContinue Reading

There is a pizza place on the corner called Nate’s Downtown, a namesake to the couple who owns the shop’s son. You will feel welcome. Another favorite of mine with a very authentic feel is RC Taco. You walk in and will feel you are a guest in someone’s houseContinue Reading

So, the CBD industry is emerging. It has found its space in stores and on shelves. Workman’s Relief, as their name suggests, is coming at the overall market from a pro-work angle. Which is refreshing, I’d say. Viewing their website, I found it well built, simple, and earnest in theirContinue Reading

Do you have a life philosophy that you live by? Take only memories leave only footprints.   What do you like most about yourself? I can have the best conversations in my head.   How has this pandemic affected YOU or YOUR BUSINESS? Killed Burger Fusion Company and reborn asContinue Reading

Tell us about what you do for work or your business, and how long have you been doing this? In 2019, while on many camping trips, sitting by the fire and enjoying cocktails, we dreamed up the idea of making “living in the woods” a lifestyle and career. We spentContinue Reading

  Downtown restaurants up on third and higher floors have some great lake-views, but a lakeside view at an affordable restaurant – ground level – is a rare find around these twin bad boys. All this is an overly big introduction to the Lakeside Street Coffee House, which is humbleContinue Reading

This practice allows for intention to focus on your inner self and move through different areas that you may not have realized need focus. I would additionally recommend reviewing his books which I personally took home to aid in my practice. My personal favorite is “Mind Your Breathing” wonderfully written to heightenContinue Reading

Thommen, age 33, is the youngest of the antique shop owners in Cuba City. Lucille Thiltgen, 92, owner of Tin Lantern Antiques, is the oldest. She’s operated her store for 24 years. Before that, she raised her family and farmed, and always collected antiques. “This gives me something to doContinue Reading

As a seasoned woods walker, and wild food forager, I have found that Morels have three growth patterns. They can just grow singly, or in a small cluster. However, the third way is what causes morel frenzy in the first place, and that is the “Mother Load.” The motherload isContinue Reading

We’ve all heard about lead before, and its dangerous side effects. Long-term exposure has been linked to brain damage and organ failure in humans. It’s equally as devastating in wildlife. A 2022 study finds that about half of adult bald eagles in North America have chronic lead poisoning. Raptor centersContinue Reading

  My husband & I just bought the Barn House in February to keep it in the family and we are excited to get The Owl’s Nest up and running for people to come enjoy the barn for fun and relaxation in Ossian Iowa. Tell us about a project orContinue Reading

We opened Margo+Lola in mid-2022 as a boutique and beautiful place to teach flyfishing and be a convenient gathering place for business meetings and social get togethers.   Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career with your business.Having workedContinue Reading

  Rampfest sounds like the vernacular of a skateboarder. Rampfest dude, with a long drawn out Dueeeeed. Or maybe something you’d hear at a farm supply store. The ramps at Rampfest are wild spring edibles. I do think that their name needs a little work though. When I think ofContinue Reading

Juneau County, Wisconsin USA As residents can attest to, Juneau County has some of the most diverse and appealing scenery in the country, from the hills to the forests, the bluffs and the waterways. Each corner of the county has something special to offer. With the expansion of ATV routes, visitors canContinue Reading

Today is the last birthday I’ll spend in Decorah. In a few months, I will be moving across the country. I’ll pack up my life and drive away, leaving behind the limestone outcroppings and parting rivers of the Driftless. A winter’s good-bye to three years untouched by glacier. A lifeContinue Reading