Winter Activities for You and Your Dog Winter in the Driftless Area is not just a time for cozying indoors; it’s an opportunity to engage in fun and invigorating activities with your dog. Let’s explore some expanded ideas: Snowy Strolls: Imagine walking through a winter paradise, your dog leaping joyfullyContinue Reading

Named the #1 “Best Small Town for Adventure” TWO years in a row by USA Today, Savanna beckons with character and history. Whether you’re high above the Mississippi, or right down in the water you’ll find big adventure in the small town of Savanna, Illinois.  Continue Reading

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer and it’s more pleasurable to explore the Driftless, one of the hidden-in-plain-sight treasures are the trout streams.  Forgotten by the glaciers that swept the Midwest thousands of years ago, these little watersheds that cut our coulees are full of clear cleanContinue Reading

Baraboo Wisconsin. The town that “pulls you in” … and around! There are some amazing places in the Driftless!  Because of this, it is all too common that we miss opportunities to visit some of these amazing places and adventures.  One such place is Baraboo.  Once we got word ofContinue Reading

Nicholas played everything from classic medleys, which included “Riders on the Storm,” by The Doors, to his own original pieces of work. It was highly effective at setting the tone and mood of the rest of the evening. After Nicholas was done giving us all the good vibes, the mainContinue Reading

He may not have the name recognition of other famous chefs, but by the end of this article, you will place him among them. For starters, Alan is a James Beard award-winning chef, although I doubt you will hear him tell you that. If you aren’t familiar, it is aContinue Reading

When you arrive on the grounds, you find a place to park and then taken into the grounds by UTV or bus. Everyone who volunteers their time to help drive is friendly, sharing their Larryfest stories and some information to help you enjoy your weekend. There are two stages, TheContinue Reading

Today we are going to start at the Al Ringling Theatre. Al had wanted to give back something to the community that had been his home for many years and finally decided upon building a theater. But not just any theater. It had to be as modern and as safeContinue Reading

Evidence shows that prehistoric people from over 10,000 years ago sought shelter in the surrounding areas close to devil’s lake. However, the first undeniable evidence of people at the state park dates back about 1,000 years and comes from mound builders. This evidence can be seen through the diverse moundsContinue Reading

Tell us about one person who stands apart or has influenced you while here in the Driftless. One of my favorite people is Karen Innis. She is a Realtor and also an artist who does custom framing in our store. She shares many of my similar beliefs and values, andContinue Reading

Swing dance was always a very interesting but seemed very complicated. Professional dancers who flip, swing, and twirl their partners all over the dance floor. I am NOT one of those people, but I was drawn to it. Now my 2023 era of thinking was swing dance had literally diedContinue Reading

  Food and Sprites Beer and WineVerona’s wineries and breweries are guaranteed to offer amazing flavors, excellent service and memories you can take with you.   Unique Local DiningFrom farm-to-table to comfort food made from scratch, Verona has some of the best local dining around.   Serving unforgettable flavorsFrom homemadeContinue Reading

420 on Front Street will be the biggest 420 event in the region and THE place to sesh out. This event will have local vendors, munchies, infused drinks, raffles and live music. Musical guests include DeadPhish Orchestra and Alex Toast.   Schedule 2:00pm – Doors Open2:00-3:00pm – Meet n Greet3:00-4:00pmContinue Reading

After earning her degree in psychology, she worked with children diagnosed with ADHD and had a hard time with prescribing them ritalin. It wasn’t the career she wanted. The mainstream culture of food and medicine didn’t sit well with her, which led her to research natural healing and seek aContinue Reading