Workman’s Relief CBD Infused Products

Workman’s Relief is a line of CBD based products. They grow the hemp plants in the Driftless Region; harvest, extract, and process the CBD oil in Plain, Wisconsin about five miles north of Spring Green. I tried four of their products. It was my first time ever trying CBD. My mind was blown, man! I saw freaky colors dripping down the walls! Woo! Pink Floyd!

            Just kidding. What I found were products that, I felt, were successful in feel and taste first, and muscle relaxing alternate health products second, though both criteria were effective. I say this with the acknowledgement that I took the minimum dosages recommended. Not that I was afraid to “go nuts” and eat five gummies or take six drops of oil on my tongue. But that’s not what they recommend, it’s not what I’d recommend for first-timers, it’s not what anyone recommends for second-timers, or third-timers, or a bazillion-timers. These are to be enjoyed subtly. If your goal is to catch a buzz, go to a bar.

So, the CBD industry is emerging. It has found its space in stores and on shelves. Workman’s Relief, as their name suggests, is coming at the overall market from a pro-work angle. Which is refreshing, I’d say. Viewing their website, I found it well built, simple, and earnest in their mission. Do work. Do physical labor. Garden, farm, or work in a factory. Be on your feet all day. Earn a living as Driftless Area residents do and use these products for a little lift of stress relief, or as an alleviation of muscle pain. It’s a refreshing take. If you follow along on their website, you’ll find the shops in the region that sell their products include (along with grocery and health stores) hardware stores, auto supply shops, co-ops, IGA’s, and tractor supply stores! They have distribution in Illinois and California too.

The products I sampled were Workman’s Relief CBD Oil, Elbow Grease Joint and Muscle Cream, Punch-In Citrus Punch flavored gummies, and Daily Grind–Sumatran style ground coffee. I enjoyed all four.

The coffee was tasty. I enjoy just about any flavor (partially because I sugar and cream like a tramp) but this was good. Sumatran is a little nutty and woody overall. Not harsh. It was tasty regardless of its CBD content. I believe that the goal with CBD infused coffee is to get your caffeine fix for the day, while the CBD infusion kind of sands the jittery edges away. This was the case.

I took the gummies and the oil at night before bed. The oil is just that; it’s lighter than olive or vegetable oil, not greasy, and it doesn’t have much of a taste. This is by design, to be sure. The dose size is roughly one full eyedropper. One squirt goes under the tongue and held there for twenty or thirty seconds. It’s not something to stress over, though. Squirt it under your tongue, hold it there for a beat, and then let it absorb in its own time. Gulp it. Whatever. I felt it was a pleasant sleep aid. On a scale that includes Green Cough Syrup or melatonin, this is less than those. If Green Cough Syrup is a 10, a CBD gummie or dropper is a 2. By the end of my sample packages, I decided I should try doubling my dosages for a few nights. The 2 rose to a 3. But as advertised, these are not swoopy, dizzy head buzzes.

‘Best for last: Elbow Grease was fantastic with a capital F. It had a pleasing/not overpowering minty smell. It wasn’t greasy, yet it was very shea-buttery. It absorbs into the skin smooth. Hands, elbows, ankles, feet. Loved it. Loved it. I’d buy this by the quart if I could. I’d adopt it, raise it, and start a college-fund for it… if I could.

Hopefully, on my next northwest road trip (from Madison to the Mississippi) I can stop by the factory store. They do have “Punch Out” gummies with melatonin that I didn’t get to try. So, in that instance, I might have been doing it wrong. I took “Punch-In” before bed… not getting the whole “Punch-In/Punch-Out” concept. Because I’m a dork. But I can report that “Punch-In” felt fine before bed too. Check them out in health stores and CBD shops. See their website for ingredients and more product reviews & specials. Thanks for reading!


By: Matthew Schumann