By Erica Howe –  The Driftless Area is renowned for beautiful natural spots, both on and off the beaten track. But how to find the waterfalls, groves, rock formations, and prairie spaces that aren’t on any tourist maps? Well, there is an activity that can help with that. Geocaching isContinue Reading

By: Matt Schumann – On July 2nd I took a drive west from my apartment in Madison, WI, and headed into the rolling suburbs past the city limits. Throw a rock south of the “Beltline” (Madison’s Hwy 12, 18, & 14 combo that swoops under the city’s southern border runningContinue Reading

Crystal Cave Grand Reopening in 2021 Crystal Cave Tour DISCOVER the wonders of Crystal Cave on our one-hour tour. EXPLORE the passages more than 70 feet below ground. LEARN about the history, geology, and bats of Wisconsin’s longest cave! One hour Cave tours are led by Certified Cave Guides. TheContinue Reading

Ellsworth Parks & Recreation There are 2 village parks in the Village of Ellsworth: Summit Hill Park: Summit Hill Park covers 16 acres of land in the midway district of Ellsworth. Access to the park is gained on W. Grove Street and off from W. Summit Ave. where parking isContinue Reading

By Anthony Larson – It all started with a Facebook post from my friend Bob:“Heading to Wyalusing tomorrow and taking worms and poles. Lived nearby for 15 years and have never stopped in to see it. Maybe Pikes Peak and McGregor, IA too. We also know a fossil spot onContinue Reading

By: Kylie Compe – One of my favorite things about living in Wisconsin is the character of the seasons. Each holds their personality, but none can compare to the fiery auburn autumn with her brisk morning frosts and pockets of sunshine. Despite the craziness of the past year, I haveContinue Reading

By Nicole Schroeder – “This place feels like you’re just hanging out in the backyard with your friends. It’s open, it’s inviting, it’s cool” said one visitor of Winghaven Pizza Farm. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see at Winghaven, with lush green trees and foliage filling the surroundingContinue Reading

Ed Chapman, Balloon Ascensions Unlimited Balloon Ascensions Unlimited has the finest balloons and pilots available to carry you wherever the wind decides. The quiet serenity of lighter-than-air flight is a truly majestic experience – a form of poetry. You can float tranquilly over the countryside at treetop level picking leavesContinue Reading

By Patrick Shea – Bicycle Touring came into my life during my college years. I attended a small school on Lake Superior’s south shore, where the deciduous and boreal forests meet and mingle. From Northland’s campus in Ashland, Wisconsin, I spent four years in an ever-widening spiral of aimless pedaling.Continue Reading

Decoding the Driftless – A Film of Science Exploration and Adventure Check out the trailer for Sustainable Driftless’ new feature-length documentary film, Decoding the Driftless. It’s a wild ride of adventure through the air, across rugged landscapes, on and under the water, through a secret underworld, and across time itselfContinue Reading

I was 31 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. “You are young and healthy; you’ll handle the treatments well” the doctors said. But you just said I had breast cancer I would think to myself, how could I also be ‘healthy.’ It was hard to believe, meContinue Reading

Stories from the Driftless By Mike Byrne – In the late spring of 1976, after graduation from college, I moved from my small town apartment to rural Wisconsin.  College seemed like only a dream a few weeks later.  I settled on a piece of mother earth and tamed an acreContinue Reading

Stories From The DriftlessBy Mike Byrne – SHORT RECAPA few more steps and I was out in the fields behind the farm buildings.  Now I knew how bad the wind had become.  It blew the snow so hard it stung my cheeks.  I bent my head down, turned up myContinue Reading

There is fun for the whole family in Freeport and Stephenson County. Enjoy our parks, museums and other indoor and outdoor activities for kids and families. Krape Park Explore beautiful Krape Park, awarded “Outstanding Multi-use Facility” by the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association. Heavily wooded Krape Park features a picturesqueContinue Reading