By Marilu Miller – Once again, our wonderful Publisher Dion, approached me and said, “I would like you to speak with Jerry Bower.” Okay. “You mean, Dr. Bower who taught History at the Richland Center Campus?  This is going to be fun!” Well, that got me a bit of aContinue Reading

So, what’s your story? Where were you born? How long have you been here in the Driftless, What keeps you here? Myself, and our two co-head brewers, were all born and raised in the Driftless within 30 miles of where we work and live now in Decorah, IA. What personallyContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – Suzie Howe“People of the Driftless” The Driftless Area is home to a varied population. It is hard to find any one person who embodies all that this area stands for, but we may have come close with Suzie Howe. Suzie was not born in the DriftlessContinue Reading

Let There Be Light Early pioneers who arrived to settle Reedsburg in the 1840s, brought their illumination with them. They used tallow candles to light their homes after dark, however, most early residents went to bed when the sun set, so artificial light was not an issue. Kerosene lanterns wereContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – The Driftless area is full of locally owned and run start-ups; from bookstores to restaurants to family farms. This includes, of course, breweries. The Driftless Brewing Company, located in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, is a prime example of the passion the residents of the Driftless area possess.Continue Reading

By Nicole Schroeder – “This place feels like you’re just hanging out in the backyard with your friends. It’s open, it’s inviting, it’s cool” said one visitor of Winghaven Pizza Farm. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see at Winghaven, with lush green trees and foliage filling the surroundingContinue Reading

An Interview with Lynita M Docken – Elmaro Vineyard About Lynita Lynita May Docken, by far the most active and creative woman you will ever meet, wanted a retirement project. Originally one of three women master plumbers (yes, you read that right: PLUMBERS) statewide, Lynita was finishing up her careerContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –   Americans have always had a romantic fascination and attraction to distilled spirits dating back to the days of prohibition. The location of these Speakeasy joints was often secret and hidden. Visions of Al Capone come to mind and packed businesses full of eager customers dancing theContinue Reading

Ed Chapman, Balloon Ascensions Unlimited Balloon Ascensions Unlimited has the finest balloons and pilots available to carry you wherever the wind decides. The quiet serenity of lighter-than-air flight is a truly majestic experience – a form of poetry. You can float tranquilly over the countryside at treetop level picking leavesContinue Reading

World’s First Pete Gengler is happy that his family and its company, Sno Pac Foods, Inc., got into the organic food business early. Touting itself as the world’s first grower/processor of frozen organic vegetables, Sno Pac, located in Caledonia, Minnesota, is in its third generation of ownership. Pete Gengler’s mother,Continue Reading