Brad Fry – The Angry Elf

Brad Fry – The Angry Elf

By Rick Pedersen – I believe the world of CBD has much room for exploration.

There is much room for misinformation and confusion, but also many benefits. It was with my meeting Brad Fry of Angry Elf Farms in West Salem, Wisconsin, that I hoped to learn a few things and clear up some of my confusion. Although the owner states facts and figures much like a scientist or mathematician, Brad was very patient in explaining some of the histories in the science behind CBD. With the help of his wife Sarah, they have devoted land on their small hobby farm to the cultivation of plants for retail sales for CBD products. Many farms without the vast acreage of conventional farms have sought hemp as an alternative to traditional crops such as corn and soybeans. This choice can maximize the use and income potential without owning hundreds of acres of land and expensive farm equipment. I am a great fan of the little guy succeeding in these endeavors, and I love the fact that this is an alternative crop that does not involve the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals. In my opinion, it is a win-win situation for the farmer and the environmental footprint on precious land resources. Upon viewing this farm, one quickly sees that this business is a strong steward for land conservation.

Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC that gives you the famous marijuana high. It is easy to focus on the many holistic and wellness effects because CBD is not psychoactive. It is recently the first-ever drug recently approved by the FDA to treat a rare form of pediatric epilepsy. For many, the wonders of this oil do not just stop there. People with pain, insomnia, PTSD, and anxiety, along with many other health conditions, have reported improvements while using the product. Scientific studies continue to confirm many of these benefits, while further investigations are ongoing to verify the other claims. The products get extracted from either marijuana or hemp plants. Still, currently, marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, and a doctor’s recommendation affects use restrictions on some products for people to use. Some believe that CBD oil is cannabis, which makes accessing the best CBD oil in the state difficult. To navigate the legalities, Brad simplified the explanation for me. His products are produced, tightly tested and regulated to contain only the allowable amounts ratio of CBD to THC. Any plants or products that provide an unacceptable amount of THC is destroyed and discarded. Brad informed me that at a specific time during the harvest cycle, someone arrives at his farm and tests for the appropriate level in the plants. A lot of time and research has gone into the planting and growing of his plants. He has the mind of a conscientious scientist and is passionate about this product as he promotes it. While anybody may throw some plants out in their garden around their farm, I was surprised just how detailed and exact this process must be to follow all laws.

For those wishing to grow their product, they would be facing several challenges. The first being hemp seeds sold as a food supplement cannot grow because they are sterile. Also, the few farmers growing hemp may not want to give her cell seeds to someone who is not a large-scale grower. Also, high CBD marijuana plants are not the best source for CBD oil because there’s not enough CBD in them, and he would still have to remove the THC. These may constitute a considerable hurdle that many may not be able to jump over.

The use of these products is the science. The symptoms a person seeks to relieve, and the dosage required to alleviate problems differ from person to person. Fortunately, Brad offers a wide range of products in different strengths; and works closely with each customer to meet their needs. More potent products help many people with muscle and joint pain, while lesser strength products may aid with things such as anxiety or problems sleeping. I believe it is best to find a reputable source for products and gather as much information as possible. It’s better to trust a person like Brad who is familiar with their use, rather than buying items from chain stores or gas stations.

Brad and his wife Sarah have experience using their products and have achieved relief of several symptoms and conditions that have afflicted themselves over the years. This article is purely informational and does not replace medical recommendations that your doctor may have for you. Each person should make an informed, fact-based decision on what they have researched individually. Also, work with a health care provider that is willing to help you achieve your goals, and possibly explore alternative treatments in situations where conventional medicine has not provided relief.

I find all this fascinating and exciting, while believing many great things can come by doing the research, and using products that come directly from the earth, rather than a pharmaceutical company. Yes, as the popularity in the widespread use of these products grows, there will be more research to provide answers to the questions we have. Proceed wisely and cautiously, while keeping an open mind to alternative methods that may benefit the individual.

Businesses like Angry Elf are considered pioneers as they devote their lives to the creation and development of an industry that offers many exciting alternatives in the health and longevity markets. CBD is a bold and exciting new area, and I wish them good luck while urging others to take notice of their work.