As a seasoned woods walker, and wild food forager, I have found that Morels have three growth patterns. They can just grow singly, or in a small cluster. However, the third way is what causes morel frenzy in the first place, and that is the “Mother Load.” The motherload isContinue Reading

By Kylie Compe – Nestled in the backwoods of Barneveld, Wisconsin is a cute little barn that houses Botham Vineyards & Winery. Bright green trees loom over the little gravel road like something out of a fairytale as you pass by the vineyards and little house on the hill. DrivingContinue Reading

Dodgeville is geographically located among sandstone bluffs, steep hills and gently rolling farmlands. The surrounding area is referred to as “unglaciated” because it was untouched by the glaciers that shaped much of the region’s topography. It is also referred to as the “driftless region” because the absence of glaciers meantContinue Reading

By: Matt Schumann – On July 2nd I took a drive west from my apartment in Madison, WI, and headed into the rolling suburbs past the city limits. Throw a rock south of the “Beltline” (Madison’s Hwy 12, 18, & 14 combo that swoops under the city’s southern border runningContinue Reading

Some of the vendor list!Tranont – Wellness ProductsThirtyOnePink zebraJ A S boutique – Hand made jewelry baked goodsYoung Living Essential OilsS and C Resale – clothing & accessoriesColor Street – nail color stripsPaparazzi $5 jewelryUdder Brothers Creamery & driftless area beef. Make sure to look for S and C ResaleContinue Reading