Jul 29 – Aug 01, 2024 – The Role of Art in Indigenous Cultures – Dodgeville, WI

Portals to a Spiritual Realm: The Role of Art in Indigenous Cultures.

In this three-day immersive workshop, you will learn from artist Richard Wehrs about historical sacred objects and make clay faces and figures of your own!

Learn about historical sacred objects AND make clay faces and figures of your own!  This course will explore the role art and art objects have played in belief systems throughout human history and around the world – while also providing a hands-on experience of creating sculptural ceramic pieces of your own design.

Daily presentations will explore peoples’ belief systems in various continents and cultures, discovering remarkable commonalities in beliefs and the art objects created to support and articulate those beliefs.  From pre-European Africa to pre-Columbian Central America and from ancient Europe to Oceania, we’ll see how indigenous cultures, completely separated by geography and time, came to remarkably similar conclusions about life, fertility, sickness, death, and other elements of the Common Human Experience.  Finally……

Jul 29th – Aug 01st, 2024

Adamah Art Studios
4681 Co Rd ZZ, Dodgeville, WI 53533