*Dodgeville, WI – At The Heart Of It All

Dodgeville is geographically located among sandstone bluffs, steep hills and gently rolling farmlands. The surrounding area is referred to as “unglaciated” because it was untouched by the glaciers that shaped much of the region’s topography. It is also referred to as the “driftless region” because the absence of glaciers meant that no “drift” (or accumulated rock and soil) was left behind. Many people simply refer to this area as the “Uplands.” By any name, it’s no exaggeration to say that the surrounding area is a feast for the eyes with its rugged rock outcroppings, wildflower meadows and prairies, wooded hillsides, lakes and streams, and rolling farmlands.

With a population of over 4,700, Dodgeville is home to four internationally recognized companies: Lands’ End, direct merchant of quality clothing; Walnut Hollow, one of the largest makers of woodcrafts; Quality Liquid Feeds, maker of liquid agricultural animal feed; and Thuli Tables, maker of chiropractic tables.

The rolling countryside supports an agricultural base that remains diverse with about 350,000 acres of the county in dairy, beef, and crop farming.

Downtown Dodgeville is located less than a mile south of the intersection of Hwy 18 and State Hwy 23. Although “Main Street” runs parallel to it, Iowa Street is Dodgeville’s downtown corridor (State Hwy 23, through town). Dodgeville’s historic downtown buildings house many businesses, including a pharmacy with an old-fashioned ice-cream fountain, movie theater, banks, specialty shops, professional services, and restaurants.

From 1991 to 2001, Dodgeville participated in the State’s Main Street Program administered by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. The downtown’s historic sense of place has been retained through careful maintenance and restoration of its commercial buildings, reflecting the pride of the downtown business district and its merchants. Sharing a strong commitment to commerce and community, Dodgeville businesses in general have flourished beside the more recent developments in other parts of the community.

Dodgeville is the County Seat of Iowa County and proud to have the oldest, active courthouse in the state of Wisconsin. Since 1830, the county seat had been in nearby Mineral Point. A political battle divided Iowa County in the mid-1800s and petitions were circulated demanding the relocation of county government to Dodgeville. Supporters of the move touted Dodgeville’s advantage as the geographic center of the county. Dodgeville prevailed, a site was selected, and the cornerstone was laid in 1859. Local lore holds that several Mineral Point residents, upon learning that the county seat was moving, purchased a large cannon and fired on Dodgeville in the middle of the night. The Iowa County courthouse, built of native limestone by skilled Cornish masons, is an outstanding example of a Greek Revival civic building. It is one of many handsome buildings downtown that date to the 1800s. In 1995, the downtown area was designated a National Historic District and, thanks to a renewed interest in historic preservation, many buildings have been restored.

Dodgeville is located 46 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin and only 49 miles NE of Dubuque, Iowa. There is easy access to State Highway 18/151 (4 lane highway) along with State Highway 23. The City is located 10 miles from the Iowa County Airport.

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