By Rick Pedersen –  As a kid in the 70’s it was common for neighborhood kids on bikes to follow the Township truck that was used to spray mosquitoes. We did not know at the time it was DDT that was being sprayed, let alone a harmful chemical that wasContinue Reading

What made you choose this type of business?When my late wife, Adrianne, passed in 2006, Havencrest Castle became dark and quiet. She had always given wonderful events for our anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. I don’t have her talent for such things, but when friends encouraged me to open my homeContinue Reading

Family Friendly There is fun for the whole family in Freeport and Stephenson County. Enjoy our parks, museums and other indoor and outdoor activities for kids and families. Krape Park Explore beautiful Krape Park, awarded “Outstanding Multi-use Facility” by the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association. Heavily wooded Krape Park featuresContinue Reading

By Matt Schumann – Let’s widen the focus way back before we zoom in on Emma Big Bear. Trying to describe the life of a centuries old Ho-Chunk woman, through a web essay – to generations B, X, Y and Z – is perhaps an exercise in folly. We inContinue Reading

By Nolan Arentz – Sculpting the Next Generation of Driftless Music Nope, not the place where you go to get an oil change or where a guy disappears for hours at a time. This Garage is a little bit rowdier and for a crowd where most of the attendees aren’tContinue Reading

By Jenn Peitscher – Keep going, it’s not what you might be expecting to hear from a rule-following almost 40 year old. And we found out from our “Never Have I Ever” game that I may not be as much of a rule follower as I thought, but I’m veryContinue Reading

The location in downtown Austin is approximately 14,000 square feet in size and comprises seven main galleries. These include Can Central, “the heart of the museum” the World Market, where visitors can learn about the advertising and use of Spam and Spam recipes from 44 different nations. The Spam ShopContinue Reading

It was a perfect April spring day in La Crosse, Wisconsin; thirty degrees, overcast, and a persistent cold mist that makes a human not want to move at all, much less actually go outside. In Wisconsin, we call it “Festing” weather. I couldn’t dream of better conditions to go toContinue Reading