*About Sauk County, WI Historical Society

Sauk County Historical Society

Mission Statement of the Sauk County Historical Society
“The mission of the Sauk County Historical Society is to preserve, protect, maintain and disseminate the history of Sauk County; and to assist other historical societies and local history related endeavors in Sauk County.”

SCHS Core Values

Education: Engage people and promote continued learning through inspiring programs.

Leadership: Serve as a leader among heritage organizations in Sauk County.

Integrity: Strive to be an organization that is worthy of the public’s trust.

Creativity: Reach the public through innovative and artistic approaches.

Stewardship: Assure that materials documenting our heritage will be saved for future generations through responsible collections management practices.

Inclusion: Explore the history of all peoples of what is now Sauk County through programs that appeal to diverse ages and interests.

Sauk County Historical Society Goals and Objectives

Serve as a safe repository for historic Sauk County materials.

Provide structured public access to historic resources through a research facility, museum exhibits and traveling displays.

Preserve and maintain SCHS properties including two significant historic buildings and three Native American heritage sites, including the only man-shaped effigy mound in existence.

Teach citizens and visitors to Sauk County, respect and appreciation for the varied lives of people who have gone before us—both in recent times and in pre-historic cultures, and how they shaped our world.

Promote understanding of Sauk County’s unique history and culture, including nationally important people, events, and landmarks.

Teach children how to use first hand historic documents to make observations about people and events and engage them around history with interactive, hands on displays.

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