A Library On a Mission McIntosh Memorial Library is an inspiring beacon of lifelong learning, bringing knowledge alive, sparking imagination and creating possibility for a vibrant and creative Viroqua. HoursThe library hours are Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00am-8:00pm, Fridays 9:00am-6:00pm, and Saturday mornings from 9:00am-3:00pm. We offer contactless pickup and home deliveryContinue Reading

Viroqua, Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful and unique small cities in Wisconsin, if not the entire nation. Nestled in sprawling landscapes and bountiful small farms, Viroqua is seen as a hidden gem by residents and visitors alike. It’s easy to see why after experiencing many of the benefitsContinue Reading

  Rampfest sounds like the vernacular of a skateboarder. Rampfest dude, with a long drawn out Dueeeeed. Or maybe something you’d hear at a farm supply store. The ramps at Rampfest are wild spring edibles. I do think that their name needs a little work though. When I think ofContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – A stately building built on Viroqua’s main street, The Historic Fortney started its life as a hotel in 1899. Since then, there have been a myriad of owners, each with their own ideas for renovations. As the years wore on and the building wore out dueContinue Reading

When you arrive on the grounds, you find a place to park and then taken into the grounds by UTV or bus. Everyone who volunteers their time to help drive is friendly, sharing their Larryfest stories and some information to help you enjoy your weekend. There are two stages, TheContinue Reading

Tell us about one person who stands apart or has influenced you while here in the Driftless. One of my favorite people is Karen Innis. She is a Realtor and also an artist who does custom framing in our store. She shares many of my similar beliefs and values, andContinue Reading

By William Grosvenor Neil – Art We There Yet is an extraordinary initiative by artists José Luis Vílchez and Cora Rose. Their mission is to create art highlighting the challenges, diversity, and shared humanity of peoples across the Americas. Aboard a school bus converted into an art and recording studio, theyContinue Reading

By Joy Miller – As the world closed the grim chapter that was 2020, Executive chef, Mary Kastman and the team at the Driftless Cafe prepared an eight course New Year’s Eve dinner themed, “Resilience”. In a year that devastated the restaurant industry, Mary says she’s learned about relying onContinue Reading

Cover Story by Kylie Compe If you find yourself passing through the quaint little knee-high town of Hillsboro, take a minute to turn down East Madison Street. It won’t take long before you find yourself admiring the beautiful 106-year-old historical Carnation Milk plant. Once upon a time, this factory producedContinue Reading

By Erica Howe –  The Driftless Area is renowned for beautiful natural spots, both on and off the beaten track. But how to find the waterfalls, groves, rock formations, and prairie spaces that aren’t on any tourist maps? Well, there is an activity that can help with that. Geocaching isContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – Suzie Howe“People of the Driftless” The Driftless Area is home to a varied population. It is hard to find any one person who embodies all that this area stands for, but we may have come close with Suzie Howe. Suzie was not born in the DriftlessContinue Reading

By Darren Bush –  I was on a back-road just north and east of Viroqua. The name of the road is unimportant, since it’s one of a hundred similar roads in Vernon County. They’re often lined with big white houses and laundry flapping in the wind. No power lines stretchContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – The Driftless area is full of locally owned and run start-ups; from bookstores to restaurants to family farms. This includes, of course, breweries. The Driftless Brewing Company, located in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, is a prime example of the passion the residents of the Driftless area possess.Continue Reading

By: Kylie Compe – One of my favorite things about living in Wisconsin is the character of the seasons. Each holds their personality, but none can compare to the fiery auburn autumn with her brisk morning frosts and pockets of sunshine. Despite the craziness of the past year, I haveContinue Reading

By Keewaydin Farms – If you would have told me I would become a farmer when I was younger (or even live in the country for that matter), I would have laughed in your face. My father can confirm this. Born in Driftless dairy country, I couldn’t wait to driftContinue Reading