Electric bicycles (“e-bikes”) have been around for quite some time now in Asia. Here in America, we understood how they worked, but did not readily adapt to them. It’s also to no surprise that we as Americans have led the world in bicycle ownership, but were low in actual bikeContinue Reading

Premier artisanal winery, cidery, farm, and orchard – Wild Hills Winery (formerly Weggy Winery) is a premier artisanal winery, cidery, farm, and orchard nestled among the rugged beauty of the Driftless region of Wisconsin. Located on 80 acres of forest, fields, and meticulously cultivated vineyards, Wild Hills Winery provides aContinue Reading

By Gabi Gruba – If you are in the South Central area of Wisconsin and you’re looking for somewhere to get out of the house with your family or just on your own to enjoy a day out, Oakwood Fruit Farm is a great place to go. It’s a family-owned,Continue Reading

Candlewood Cabins: A Destination for Recreation or Solitude Cover Story by Marilu Miller The story of Candlewood Cabins, actually begins just after World War II, when Richard Calnin met Mechtild. They fell in love and he married her. They came to the United States and started teaching at St. Norbert’sContinue Reading

By Nolan Arentz – A place where your phone will tell you takes half the amount of time that you actually spend getting there, or maybe it was just getting back at me for dropping it all the time. Anyways, that is where you will find the venue for thisContinue Reading

By Marilu Miller – The store itself had humble beginnings – friends pooling their resources to buy frozen bakery items from Riches Bakery. A favorite item was the cinnamon rolls, they were huge and oh, so very delicious! From there it just grew and mushroomed after they had a chanceContinue Reading

By Marilu Miller – Once again, our wonderful Publisher Dion, approached me and said, “I would like you to speak with Jerry Bower.” Okay. “You mean, Dr. Bower who taught History at the Richland Center Campus?  This is going to be fun!” Well, that got me a bit of aContinue Reading

Discover it Here…The Richland Area is ready for you to find what you are looking for! If it is the unspoiled natural beauty, scenic views, friendly people, unique experiences, or all of the above you will find it here. Whether you are seeking a serene relaxing getaway or jaw droppingContinue Reading

The development of Richland Center as an agricultural support community and retail trade center is reflected in its fine architectural heritage. Buildings dating from as early as the mid-1850s and 1860s still remain in the city. The greatest wealth and diversity shown in the city’s architecture dates from the lateContinue Reading

By Keewaydin Farms – If you would have told me I would become a farmer when I was younger (or even live in the country for that matter), I would have laughed in your face. My father can confirm this. Born in Driftless dairy country, I couldn’t wait to driftContinue Reading

David Barron began fly-fishing in 1960 on the spring creeks of the Missouri and began tying flies a few years later. He began teaching fly-fishing in 1985 and has conducted classes, schools and seminars throughout the US. In 1993 he became one of the first Federations of Fly Fishers certifiedContinue Reading

Driftless Music Gardens was born out of our love of people, music, and art. Our Vision is to enrich the Driftless Region with these gifts in a setting that heightens their potential through exceptional natural scenery, environmentally sound, community engagement practices, and some of the best musical and artistic talentContinue Reading