Today we are going to start at the Al Ringling Theatre. Al had wanted to give back something to the community that had been his home for many years and finally decided upon building a theater. But not just any theater. It had to be as modern and as safeContinue Reading

Evidence shows that prehistoric people from over 10,000 years ago sought shelter in the surrounding areas close to devil’s lake. However, the first undeniable evidence of people at the state park dates back about 1,000 years and comes from mound builders. This evidence can be seen through the diverse moundsContinue Reading

By Marilu Miller – Come with me to the Circus! Come with me to Baraboo, Wisconsin the home of one of the greatest shows on earth! Baraboo is on the Baraboo River and nestled in the hills of the Driftless Area about half way between Chicago and Minneapolis- remember, location,Continue Reading

By Lydia Jones –  Hiking the Driftless … With Kids When I was pregnant with my first child, I had the sinking feeling that my days of hiking, adventure and outdoorsy living, were coming to a rapid and premature end. I couldn’t really wrap my head around the idea ofContinue Reading

By Aspen – When I googled “vegan restaurants near me” and the Cheeze Factory Restaurant in Baraboo came up, I dismissed it as a mistake, or maybe Wisconsin’s way of telling me to get real. I’d recently gone from vegetarian to vegan and found my options for eating out narrowedContinue Reading

About Baraboo We are located in a part of the state known for its natural vistas, most notably the Baraboo River and towering ancient bluffs. Our walkable downtown square is home to many locally owned businesses. As you fan out from there, you’ll come across nationally known historic attractions andContinue Reading

So, what’s your story? How long have you been here in the Driftless, Were you born in the Driftless? What keeps you here in the Driftless?A native Illinoisan, I have visited the Driftless area since childhood.  I’ve lived in the area since 1992 and love the beauty, nature, and allContinue Reading

Here comes the circus parade!The Big Top Parade will return to the streets of downtown Baraboo on Saturday, June 8, 2024. Historic wagons, exotic animals, marching bands and community floats will delight paradegoers, highlighting a weekend full of circus-themed fun. The main event — the Big Top Parade — kicksContinue Reading

Book Your Tour of Driftless Glen When you visit Driftless Glen, we want you to feel like family. During your tour of our Baraboo facility, you will follow the path that our award-winning spirits take in their lifetime: from grain to the mashers and fermentation tanks, our stills to theContinue Reading