By Jenn Peitscher –     Where do you Wonder? The most obvious answer would be nature, right? But could that be in the woods of a brewery? I experienced the surprise of wonder in the cool crunch of the leaves at the New Glarus Brewery. So our visit began with aContinue Reading

By Anthony Larson – It all started with a Facebook post from my friend Bob:“Heading to Wyalusing tomorrow and taking worms and poles. Lived nearby for 15 years and have never stopped in to see it. Maybe Pikes Peak and McGregor, IA too. We also know a fossil spot onContinue Reading

By Erica Howe – The Driftless area is full of locally owned and run start-ups; from bookstores to restaurants to family farms. This includes, of course, breweries. The Driftless Brewing Company, located in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, is a prime example of the passion the residents of the Driftless area possess.Continue Reading

An Interview with Lynita M Docken – Elmaro Vineyard About Lynita Lynita May Docken, by far the most active and creative woman you will ever meet, wanted a retirement project. Originally one of three women master plumbers (yes, you read that right: PLUMBERS) statewide, Lynita was finishing up her careerContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –   Americans have always had a romantic fascination and attraction to distilled spirits dating back to the days of prohibition. The location of these Speakeasy joints was often secret and hidden. Visions of Al Capone come to mind and packed businesses full of eager customers dancing theContinue Reading

World’s First Pete Gengler is happy that his family and its company, Sno Pac Foods, Inc., got into the organic food business early. Touting itself as the world’s first grower/processor of frozen organic vegetables, Sno Pac, located in Caledonia, Minnesota, is in its third generation of ownership. Pete Gengler’s mother,Continue Reading

By: Rick Pedersen – The rise of small-batch distilleries has pumped new life into the small towns they have set up their operations in. Such is the case of Harmony Spirits located in Harmony, MN, where they have sourced local grains that are artfully distilled with care by Larry, Andy,Continue Reading

What is your best childhood memory here in the Driftless.I remember going to Whitewater State Park while in daycare. All of us daycare kids would go on a hike followed by a swim. We’d always have a picnic lunch. Just thinking of those days makes me smile. I can justContinue Reading

By Nolan Arentz – Kombucha … Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t.  Technically speaking, this simple tasty drink consists of tea, fermentable sugar, a colony of bacteria and yeast working together, and whatever kind of natural flavors one so desires.  For ex-Engineer Jake Haneman, and now owner of BootleggerContinue Reading

By Keewaydin Farms – If you would have told me I would become a farmer when I was younger (or even live in the country for that matter), I would have laughed in your face. My father can confirm this. Born in Driftless dairy country, I couldn’t wait to driftContinue Reading

By Jenn Peitscher – Keep going, it’s not what you might be expecting to hear from a rule-following almost 40 year old. And we found out from our “Never Have I Ever” game that I may not be as much of a rule follower as I thought, but I’m veryContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –  “Ahoy me hearties” and gather round while I spin the tail of Skeleton Crew Brew. It’s a hideaway containing the most excellent ale, a buccaneer can get his hands on, along with as many fine wines a lad or lass dares to ever dream of drinking.Continue Reading

We Brew. Everybody Drinks. Repeat.Meet the Brew Crew …  Back in 1999, craft beers were revolutionizing America’s beer culture. That same year, Brewmaster Joe Katchever founded Pearl Street Brewery – with only a dream, a 1984 Eagle Wagon, and a trailer packed with brewery equipment driven from Colorado to theContinue Reading

Seeking winter joy?  As the drifts build up and the sidewalks ice over, you’ll find the perfect antidote in southern Wisconsin’s Green County.  Instead of layers of fleece, the odds are stacked in your favor with layers of cheese.  And nothing says “comfort food” better than a dish featuring meltyContinue Reading