By Patrick Shea – Bicycle Touring came into my life during my college years. I attended a small school on Lake Superior’s south shore, where the deciduous and boreal forests meet and mingle. From Northland’s campus in Ashland, Wisconsin, I spent four years in an ever-widening spiral of aimless pedaling.Continue Reading

The Greater Freeport Partnership One organization. One voice. One mission: To grow Freeport & Stephenson County. What does the Partnership do? The Greater Freeport Partnership promotes Stephenson County and support businesses.  We accomplish these goals through workforce development, marketing, beautification, business education and providing data resources. Our history:  In JuneContinue Reading

Family Friendly There is fun for the whole family in Freeport and Stephenson County. Enjoy our parks, museums and other indoor and outdoor activities for kids and families. Krape Park Explore beautiful Krape Park, awarded “Outstanding Multi-use Facility” by the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association. Heavily wooded Krape Park featuresContinue Reading

By Nolan Arentz – Kombucha … Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t.  Technically speaking, this simple tasty drink consists of tea, fermentable sugar, a colony of bacteria and yeast working together, and whatever kind of natural flavors one so desires.  For ex-Engineer Jake Haneman, and now owner of BootleggerContinue Reading

By Keewaydin Farms – If you would have told me I would become a farmer when I was younger (or even live in the country for that matter), I would have laughed in your face. My father can confirm this. Born in Driftless dairy country, I couldn’t wait to driftContinue Reading

Sean Brown – Impact CoffeeA Driftless Interview What is your best childhood memory?Canoeing the Upper Iowa or taking the pontoon out on the Mississippi   If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently? That’s tough. I would probably pick a different college besidesContinue Reading

By Matt Schumann – Let’s widen the focus way back before we zoom in on Emma Big Bear. Trying to describe the life of a centuries old Ho-Chunk woman, through a web essay – to generations B, X, Y and Z – is perhaps an exercise in folly. We inContinue Reading

By Rick Pedersen – Growing up as a kid, I always thought I was invincible and never gave thought to the possibility of contributing to my own demise. As an adult, I think back to past deeds and have second thoughts about invincibility. I consider myself a spiritual person, andContinue Reading

By Nolan Arentz – Sculpting the Next Generation of Driftless Music Nope, not the place where you go to get an oil change or where a guy disappears for hours at a time. This Garage is a little bit rowdier and for a crowd where most of the attendees aren’tContinue Reading

By Ben Potaracke – Tapas.  What are Tapas anyway?   The word Tapas is used to describe a smaller portion or snack-size of any dish.  I love going out for tapas because it allows you to try different dishes.  I’m sure you have been in this situation.  You are seatedContinue Reading

By Jenn Peitscher – Keep going, it’s not what you might be expecting to hear from a rule-following almost 40 year old. And we found out from our “Never Have I Ever” game that I may not be as much of a rule follower as I thought, but I’m veryContinue Reading

The location in downtown Austin is approximately 14,000 square feet in size and comprises seven main galleries. These include Can Central, “the heart of the museum” the World Market, where visitors can learn about the advertising and use of Spam and Spam recipes from 44 different nations. The Spam ShopContinue Reading

“The fire stick was like a paintbrush. Touch it here in a small dab, and you’ve made a meadow for elk; a light scatter there burns off brush so the oaks make more acorns.” -Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. This month,Continue Reading

By Rick Pedersen –  “Ahoy me hearties” and gather round while I spin the tail of Skeleton Crew Brew. It’s a hideaway containing the most excellent ale, a buccaneer can get his hands on, along with as many fine wines a lad or lass dares to ever dream of drinking.Continue Reading