What is your best childhood memory? I remember spending a lot of time in our tall pine windbreak. I would climb as high as I could – as a seven or eight year old – something like 5 or 6 stories high and just gaze at the landscape. This isContinue Reading

Andrzej (ahn-jay) Zalasinski, Executive Director of Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce, Recipient of the National Institute Scholarship Completes First Year at Institute for Organization Management A Leadership Training Program Produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Jan 9, 2020 WASHINGTON, D.C.- Institute for Organization Management, the professional development programContinue Reading

An Effervescent Musical Comedy In an elegant Budapest parfumerie, two combative clerks, Amalia and Georg, are constantly butting heads on the job. After both respond to a “lonely hearts” newspaper ad, these unwitting pen pals become the most unlikely of lovebirds. But will love continue to blossom once their identitiesContinue Reading