Green County Wisconsin Smile, and say cheese! You’re in southwestern Wisconsin’s Green County – famous for Swiss heritage and ethnic cuisine, colorful festivals, and tasty local brews perfectly paired with award-winning cheese. With two trails and mile after mile of paved back roads, Green County offers the best bikingContinue Reading

By Jenn Peitscher –     Where do you Wonder? The most obvious answer would be nature, right? But could that be in the woods of a brewery? I experienced the surprise of wonder in the cool crunch of the leaves at the New Glarus Brewery. So our visit began with aContinue Reading

By Patrick Shea – Bicycle Touring came into my life during my college years. I attended a small school on Lake Superior’s south shore, where the deciduous and boreal forests meet and mingle. From Northland’s campus in Ashland, Wisconsin, I spent four years in an ever-widening spiral of aimless pedaling.Continue Reading

Seeking winter joy?  As the drifts build up and the sidewalks ice over, you’ll find the perfect antidote in southern Wisconsin’s Green County.  Instead of layers of fleece, the odds are stacked in your favor with layers of cheese.  And nothing says “comfort food” better than a dish featuring meltyContinue Reading