Welcome to “Driftless Paws and Tales: A Rising Star K9 Series”!

Welcome to “Driftless Paws and Tales: A Rising Star K9 Series”! I’m Rick Pedersen, your host and guide through the vibrant and untapped wonders of the Driftless Area—a region I’ve had the privilege to call home my entire life.


Born and raised in the glorious La Crosse, Wisconsin, or as we affectionately dub it, God’s country, I’ve been enveloped by landscapes of unparalleled, untouched beauty.


Dogs have been steadfast companions and the beating heart of my adult life, leading me through the hidden treasures of this region with the boundless joy and exuberance only a four-legged friend can bring.

My journey has been profound and rewarding, having the opportunity to train an average of 50-60 dogs in a 6-day week and impacting the lives of more than 600 dogs.

I’ve contributed my stories and adventures to both the Driftless Area and Driftless Outdoors magazines, aiming to kindle a spirit of exploration and love for this region in others. I reside with my wonderful wife in La Crosse, Wis, and proudly operate Rising Star K9, a veteran-owned business.

I extend a warm invitation and a playful challenge to the adventurous spirits, especially those among the 25-45 age group. Join me and your canine companions in uncovering the delightful experiences and hidden gems the Driftless Area offers. Whether you are embarking on your first dog parenting journey or have years of dog-loving behind you, new and exciting adventures await us all!


I’m not just open to but enthusiastic about partnerships and collaborations to spotlight places and businesses catering to canines and their humans. If you’re interested in promoting dog-friendly locales and services, let’s join paws and work together to make the Driftless Area the ultimate playground for our furry friends!


For more insights and canine camaraderie, visit my business page, Rising Star RK9, and connect with me on Facebook. I look forward to your suggestions, stories, and places and businesses you’d like to see featured. Let’s unravel the unexplored, create unforgettable tales, and elevate the canine experience together in this extraordinary region!

By Rick Pedersen