Maple Syrup Hits the Trails With the Launch of Embark Maple

Embark Maple, formerly B&E’s Trees, is launching Maple Energy- a new athletic energy from simple, clean, organic ingredients.
Maple syrup naturally provides the performance nutrition needed by
endurance athletes, with none of the synthetic ingredients, flavors or textures found in commercial gels. A pinch of sea salt completes the electrolyte profile, creating a product whose performance is only rivaled by its outstanding flavor. Taken directly from the re-sealable 3 oz pouch, mixed in a water bottle for a hydration boost, or used in cooking and cocktails at camp or in the kitchen, Embark Maple invites everyone to the adventure.

Bree Breckel and Eric Weninger, founders of B&E’s Trees, have a passion for good food and the outdoors so much so that they built a life together as maple farmers. Their flagship Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, made in collaboration with Central Waters Brewing Company, highlights culinary and cocktail uses of maple syrup. They are again expanding the world for maple, this time creating a product to fuel the outdoor adventuring that is so central to their lives. With this new product comes a name change, from B&E’s Trees to Embark Maple.

Of the name change, Breckel says, “B&E’s Trees is a great description- me, Eric and our trees, but it was sometimes confusing. People thought we were bee keepers, or grew Christmas trees. And spelling out our website was always a challenge. Embark embodies the hope and excitement at the center of our business.”

Although the product is new, the idea is one that has been on the back burner for over a decade. “I’ve been bringing maple on my multi-sport adventures for years,” says Weninger. “Now as more Americans are turning to the outdoors for recreation, as well as physical and mental health, the time seemed right to create a product to share the good energy we find in our forest as people explore the places they find renewal.” The team has been honing the product for the past two years, with input from a panel including endurance athletes and outdoor chefs.

Supply chain disruptions delayed the launch of Embark. The team tested rugged pouches with the goal of durable, adventure-ready packs. At some point along the line a durability layer of the material was omitted, leaving the team with 65,000 pouches of Maple Energy that were not up to their standards. Rather than waste them, the team hit the road, using the light-duty packs to support racers at cycling events throughout the upper Midwest. This experience brought the team great feedback and the support of a broad range of athletes.

A true testament of the product came from the Arrowhead 135, a 135 mile winter cycle, ski and foot race in northern Minnesota. With temps dropping to -30, racers fought through the elements, buoyed on by Embark Maple Energy. Weninger was honored with the “Spirit of the Arrowhead” award, and racers they met along the trail brought Embark to their subsequent races, including the thousand mile human powered Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Embark Maple Energy is now launching with three varieties- Salted Maple; Coffee Maple (made in collaboration with Wonderstate Coffee, Viroqua); and Elderberry Maple. Find yours at their website and coming soon to the best grocers and outdoor shops throughout the region.


For more information contact:
Bree Breckel, co-owner
Embark Maple
(608) 799-9380 ext. 3