Why did you bail on the Booch bottle, Bootlegger?
Learn why Bootlegger Brewing made the switch!

What’s your preference when it comes to your favorite carbonated beverage?

Everyone seems to have their preference, but more and more, folks are realizing the benefit of aluminum cans for beverages.

One of the most frequent question we get from customers lately is, “Why did you change to cans? We love your stubby bottle!” Don’t get us wrong, we loved our little “stubby” bottles too. It was not a decision we took lightly, so we’ll lay it out for ya.


Cans keep kombucha fresher!

Cans do this by limiting a few “spoilers” when it comes to fermented beverages- especially the beneficial living microcosms present in kombucha. The first is ultraviolet (UV) light- while we love it, especially coming off a winter that seemed, to us at least, to be one of the longest ever thanks to…we’ll just say 2020 in general…it’s particularly hard on living bacteria and yeast. And let’s face it, for kombucha, that’s one of the main reasons we drink it! It can also lead to off flavors. Nobody likes a skunky booch, uff da! While dark bottles can block some of those UV rays, they can’t block all of it.


The second is oxygen.

Oxygen can, you guessed it, oxidize booch and beer. Oxidization can lead to off or stale flavors, and we want you to be able to taste our kombucha exactly the way it was intended to taste; crisp, fresh and lively. Cans are filled to the top before the lids are sealed on. No pesky O2 molecules are getting in here!


Cans are easier on the environment.

How, you ask? Cans are lighter – which means they are easier to ship, reducing the fuel impact required to ship them around the country. Cans are easier to recycle – typically, most communities have a more robust recycling program for aluminum. According to the EPA, around 65% of aluminum is recycled by consumers (vs 31% for glass), and the average aluminum can contains over 50% post-consumer recycled material. Additionally, around 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today…we like those numbers.


Properly portable (and portage-able)

With a light at the end of the tunnel for get togethers, or at the very least, increased outdoor activities, cans are much easier to throw in a cooler, pack in, pack out, portage and pop. Cans weigh around 30% less than bottles (7 pounds per 6 pack of glass vs 5 pounds per 6 pack of cans). That doesn’t sound like a lot you say? Let me tell you, when you’re packing a few miles into a camp site, those extra el-bees are going to be noticed.

And lastly,


Cans are more affordable

Let’s be honest, kombucha costs a lot to produce, and as a result, is more expensive on the shelf. With cans, we can make sure that shelf price comes down! Who doesn’t like that?

Ope, scuse me, gonna sneak past you here and grab one of these.


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