4 Sisters – The best Tapas in the Driftless

By Ben Potaracke –

Tapas.  What are Tapas anyway?  

The word Tapas is used to describe a smaller portion or snack-size of any dish.  I love going out for tapas because it allows you to try different dishes.  I’m sure you have been in this situation.  You are seated at a table looking over a menu.  You struggle to decide on a dish because everything looks good.  Even after you get your meal, you start to second guess the other options and if that would have been a better selection.  Tapas solves that issue.  One of the great things about tapas is that the portions are small.  In addition, you get to pick a few things to try.  Even better with friends and family when you can get more than a few and share them.  You don’t have to worry about selecting that one dish and being disappointed or second guess your initial decision.  Frankly, I think this is the best way to enjoy food.  And next time you come back, you can go with what you previously dined on and enjoy your favorites, or dare to expand with something new.  Enter 4 Sisters, one of the best tapas restaurants around.

4 Sisters is located along the scenic Mississippi River in downtown LaCrosse, WI.  Inside is a relaxing and spacious atmosphere with a wine bar, a gorgeous view of the river, and an outdoor patio.  It’s the perfect place for date night, special occasions, a business meeting, or a get together with friends and family.

4 Sisters has some unique tapas that you are not going to find anywhere else.  There is a wide selection of hot and cold style dishes. Carnitas Platter, Ahi Tuna Bites, Stuffed Peppadews, Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken, and Cheese Journey are a few of my favorites.  I can’t pick just one favorite.  But no matter what you pick, they are all bursting with flavor and made to perfection.  Like I mentioned above, this is the best thing about Tapas.  Notice I did not have one favorite!  If you are like me and like to try different dishes, you are going to love this place!  There is one more optional component to enjoying tapas, and that is pairing it with wine.

4 Sisters offers a unique experience, as they also offer wine flights.  Wine flights are a great way to sample wine from different vintages, terroirs, and regions of the world.  They are also a great way to pair tapas!  This is a lot of fun if you are into sampling different wines, or like to do a blind tasting.   The flights come in red, white or blend (white, red, rose) with 3-4 pours per flight.  The wine menu has an extensive selection with wines from Napa, France, and Italy, just to mention a few of the states and countries.  In addition, there are wines from highly quality producers that you can get 2 or 6 oz pours, if you just want a taste.

I highly recommend a visit to 4 Sisters for any occasion.  It has a knowledgeable, friendly and attentive staff. It has an indoor and outdoor sitting with great views, and a menu that will beat your expectations no matter what you choose!