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Mr. Ardell F. Brede - Former Mayor "I welcome you to our fine city!"

  Mr. Ardell F. Brede - Former Mayor
by Mr. Ardell F. Brede - Former Mayor
01/15/19 Mr. Ardell F. Brede

Dear Rochester Visitor

As Mayor of the City of Rochester, Minnesota, I welcome you to our fine city!

Consistently recognized as  one of the most livable cities in America, Rochester was ranked ‘’Best Place to Live’’ by in 2017.

Rochester, a city defined by its caring a innovative culture, is built on the world-renowned Mayo Clinic’s rock-solid foundation.In return, the community serves as host to more than 3 million visitors each year, many of them receiving care at Mayo Clinic. Currently, more than 100,000 people reside in the growing community of Rochester. We are defining what is to be destination Medical Center with Projections to add 35,000-40,000 jobs over the next 20 years.

If this is your first visit, or you have not been here in some time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new developments and amenities downtown, throughout and around Rochester. We are a city that values diversity, the arts, and higher education. Begin experiencing Rochester by strolling through our climate-controlled pedestrian skyway/subway system and discover locally-owned restaurants, fine shops and more.Visit on of Rochester’s can’t-miss parks for trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and stunning views. Take in some live acoustic music at any number of local spots, or sneak down to Rochester's own speakeasy-style bar, The Doggery. Or try something very Minnesotan: a fish fry.

Theatres, wineries, dining, shopping, golfing, climbing, walking and historic sites are just a few of the many choices Rochester has to offer. The hospitality of Rochester businesses and people in our community will help you feel comfortable during your stay.

Find out for yourself why the people of Rochester, Minnesota are so excited about this city and make yourself at home in our caring, innovative community!


Ardell F. Brede, Mayor

City of Rochester, Minnesota
Certified Tourism Ambassador